CTL Hot Stove – January 22nd, 2023

By JD Lagrange – You had a busy week? You haven’t had a chance to make time for yourself yet? You have missed your daily reading and haven’t followed the Canadiens enough this past week? Don’t worry, we got your back! The Cheering The Logo Hot Stove is a feature which recaps the content we have published this past week. Sit back, catch up and enjoy.

Injuries: Habs Must Look In the Mirror by JD Lagrange – This is the second season in a row that the Canadiens are at the top of the NHL in man-games lost to injuries and that should be caused for concerns and a priority for the team’s brass.

Sherbrooke-Montreal: Unified In History by JD Lagrange – A group of 8 former Canadiens share a very special bond: winning consecutive titles in two different leagues, including one as rookies in the NHL.

Habs’ Coaching Staff Needs Help by JD Lagrange – Martin St-Louis has coached his 82nd game with the #Canadiens. While he has done some good things, he could use some support and Kent Hughes could do something to help his young coach.

Need For Tanking – Debunked! by JD Lagrange – They are many who feel like the Canadiens MUST tank in order to have success in the future. Yet, the teams in the Stanley Cup finals the past five years seem to prove otherwise.

Cap Causing Issues For Trade Deadline by JD Lagrange – A vast majority of teams are tight against the cap and for some, the pressure to make the playoffs or go deep into them is palpable. Could the Canadiens consider trading Price’s contract?

Chasing the Draft – January 17th Edition by Bob Trask – In our popular feature, here’s our weekly review of where the Canadiens’ stand with their and the Panthers’ pick based on the standings.

Habsitivity Through Hard Times by JD Lagrange – The Canadiens have fallen hard since December but when one looks deeper, there are plenty of positive stories within the team.

The Gallagher Situation by Bob Trask – Brendan Gallagher is currently injured, but his role with the Canadiens starting next season is less than clear.

Prospect Rankings – Goaltenders by Bob Trask – The Canadiens goaltending prospects are all late round picks and the future of the team in net is murky at best. We take a look at potential higher candidates and this year’s NHL Draft.

In The System – January 16, 2022 by JD Lagrange – In this week’s edition of this popular feature, Canadiens’ prospects Joshua Roy, Riley Kidney and Cedrick Guindon really stand out while the goaltending prospects have regressed.

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