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Cheering the Logo is a new(er) website sharing News, Rumours, Opinions about the Montreal Canadiens and the NHL. In less than a year of existence, we are already in the Top-12 Montreal Canadiens’ Blogs and Websites! We provide daily content for our readers with many opinion pieces. We also have an entire section dedicated to Rumours, using Habs Rumour Mill, which quotes only well respected NHL Insiders, a bit like Spector’s Hockey but for the Canadiens only.

We are looking at expanding our content so we are seeking fans who would love to share their opinion on different topics surrounding the NHL and the Canadiens.

And here’s what we have to offer:

  • Topics Flexibility: You choose what you want to talk about, what tickles your fancies, topics that make you giddy or that irk you. We just ask to remain respectful to the readers, the Canadiens, the coaches and the players. Criticism is welcomed, all out bashing is not.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Most sites want you to write one article a week, or a couple a month. They put tight restrictions that way. We, at Cheering the Logo, understand that you have other commitments and this is a volunteer position. Also, the people who have ideas to share often don’t do it professionally. Therefore, we only ask that you have a minimal commitment of one article per month to justify taking the time to provide you access to the site. That’s all. On your own terms, when inspiration hits you.
  • Flexibility on features: If you chose to have a regular feature, an idea on feature, we are not opposed to creating it with you. We have ideas of potential features that we could share with you or you can come up with one of your own. We can even come up with a catchy name for them.
  • Quality Editing: You’re unsure about your grammar, your spelling? You’re a bit self-conscious and/or intimidated about writing but you have clear ideas of what you’d like to share? We will help you with our quality editing to make is flow nicely. Just do the best that you can and we will take care of the rest.

So is this something that you would like to try? Give it a shot! Send us an email at or contact us via our Facebook page or our Twitter account and we will provide you with the details.