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It’s a cliché. But it seems at times like more and more hockey fans are very upset when a player they like is traded or signs elsewhere and they take it out on the current management for letting it happen. Ignoring that hockey is a business, too many people take personally when there’s player movement, particularly when it’s an impact player or one they have a soft spot for.

Gone are the days when a majority of players, or at least the star players, played their entire career for the same team. A hard salary cap and the rising contracts being offered make almost impossible to keep everyone. Cheap labour is at a premium and hockey’s General Managers are just as much accountants as they are player-personnel managers. And with the slow disappearance of bridge contracts to young star players, it won’t get any better.

But one thing remains in all of that: while players, coaches, managers and even owners will come and go, the team will remain. In the case of the Montreal Canadiens, it’s been the case since the very beginning way back in 1909. The most storied franchise has seen more than its fair share of success and even controversy. Players have left, others have joined, some have even returned, as did coaches and GMs. But the fans’ passion has remained for the Sainte-Flanelle and that’s not about to change. At least not for traditional hockey fans of the beloved Habs.

We have a section solely dedicated to rumours surrounding the Canadiens but solely based on “reputable Insiders”. Check out the Habs Rumour Mill for the latest.

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