Habs Need To Find Solutions Fast

Another game, another loss. Worse, another lacklustre effort. Just a few months ago, the Montreal Canadiens made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. Today… they look like bottom feeders. What exactly is going on? Hard to imagine what’s going through GM Marc Bergevin and head coach Dominique Ducharme’s mind right now. Of course, they’re missing key pieces from last year’s playoffs’ run but those pieces weren’t replaced with bad players… for the most part.

Last night, the Canadiens played for the first time in Seattle and much like the games against Buffalo and San Jose, they came out flat. For the sixth time in seven games, they have allowed the first goal of the game and for what seems like the umpteen time, it was on the first shot against them. The goalies aren’t stopping pucks. The defensemen aren’t defending and getting the puck to the forwards. And the forwards completely lack confidence and originality. To make matters worse, the special teams aren’t performing at all. So that combination gives you the results we’re seeing. If it wasn’t for a six-goals outburst against a Detroit team that forgot to show up, it would be even worse!

Here’s what it looks like in numbers:

.143 (30th)1.57 (32nd)3.57 (6th most)8.0% (31st)43:34 (3rd most)64% (29th)41:20 (4th most)27.4 (28th)45.9% (29th)8 (30th)4.57 (30th)

So what’s the issue? Is it coaching? Is it the players effort? Lack of leadership? Are the newcomers cancers in the dressing room? Are all the distractions around the team since this summer and the GM’s contractual situation a contributor? Is it a matter of lack of talent in the line-up? Personally, I think that there are many factors playing into it. I’ve added a list of recent articles of what I feel are some of the contributing factors. There are way more questions than answers right now surrounding the Canadiens and if the team cannot find answers very soon, it will be a very, very long season in Montreal.

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