JD’s Final And Only NHL Draft Rankings

By JD Lagrange – Admittedly, I am not a NHL Draft expert. But with the Canadiens having the first overall pick, and my colleague Bob Trask enjoying talking about prospects, I have followed this year’s developments a lot more than usual. So I figured that I would see how I match up with the Draft experts around the NHL by publishing my very own Final and Only NHL Draft Rankings. This will give me something to look back on and to either laugh… or cry about.

Without further ado, here are my first round rankings. Height and weight from Elite Prospects:

1Juraj SlafkovskyLW6’4″218
2Shane WrightC6’0″198
3Logan CooleyC5’10”181
4Simon NemecD6’1″192
5David JiricekD6’3″190
6Matthew SavoieC5’9″179
7Joakim KemellRW5’9″176
8Jonathan LekkerimäkiRW5’11”172
9Frank NazarC/RW5’10”181
10Cutter GauthierC/LW6’3″201
11Danila YurovRW6’1″179
12Brad LambertC/RW6’0″183
13Kevin KorchinskiD6’2″185
14Pavel MintyukovD6’1″192
15Denton MateychukD5’11”194
16Ivan MiroshnichenkoLW6’1″185
17Marco KasperC6’2″187
18Conor GeekieC6’4″205
19Liam ÖhgrenLW6’1″201
20Noah ÖstlundC5’11”163
21Jiri KulichC6’0″181
22Rutger McGroartyC6’1″205
23Jimmy SnuggerudRW6’2″185
24Isaac HowardLW5’10”181
25Filip MesarRW/C5’10”174
26Jagger FirkusRW5’10”154
27Ryan ChesleyD6’0″201
28Owen PickeringD6’5″179
29Tristan LuneauD6’2″190
30Gleb TrikozovRW6’1″185
31Nathan GaucherC6’3″207
32Calle OdeliusD6’0″185

I picked Slafkovsky to go first overall for two reasons:

  1. To be different than the majority. It will either be a homerun or a strikeout; and,
  2. To get a reaction as the Wright extremists get very upset when you dare pump someone else’s tires.

Now the real question: how will it compare to those who spend hours upon hours watching videos, reading about prospects and sell us all on having the best rankings? I guess we’ll find out in just over a week.

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