Logan Mailloux Integrating Well

By JD Lagrange – With training camp less than a month away, Canadiens’ fans are itching to see their beloved ones on the ice. For 19 year-old prospect Logan Mailloux, it’s been a summer of integration and acclimatization within the organization that selected him in the first round two Drafts ago. He spent part of the summer in Montreal, rehabilitating his injured shoulder and socializing with some of his future teammates.

Mailloux attended the Canadiens’ development camp in late July and he was able to workout on and off the ice in the team’s facilities. He also had the opportunity to take on some off-ice activities with the team’s top prospects, getting to know each other.

Mailloux has been open about his experience during the camp’s Respect and Consent session. As promised by Vice-President of Communications Chantal Machabée earlier this summer, the young defenseman was made available to reporters as well. You sense a clear level of maturity in him well beyond his young age.

“Like I said before the draft, that’s how I felt, that I didn’t deserve the right,” Mailloux said on July 12th, echoing his prior position. “It’s a privilege, not a right, to be drafted and to be able to be a part of the Canadiens organization. So, I feel incredibly humbled and supported by the whole Montreal Canadiens organization and staff throughout this process — I feel like they’ve helped me a lot.”

He was even recently spotted at LASSO Montreal with Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson.

Contacted by Montreal Hockey Now, Mailloux’s agent, Dylan Liptrap, was optimistic about his client’s rehabilitation progress.

“Logan’s initial timeline would have him back in full contact practice in mid-October,” said Liptrap when asked about Mailloux’s current rehab progress. “however, his physiotherapists believe he has been progressing ahead of schedule.”

“Logan is currently waiting to meet with the surgeon to check in on his progress before any decisions are made,” concluded Liptrap regarding the lack of official clarity at the moment. “It is highly unlikely he will be able to participate in any of the Montreal Rookie Camp/training camps.”

The Canadiens’ prospect has not played a lot of hockey in the past three years and the concern is the effect it might have had on his development. The Canadiens have yet to offer him a contract and they have until next summer to do so. Otherwise, his name will be put back into the NHL Draft and the Habs will be getting a compensatory second round pick. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that and that Logan has a strong season in London.

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Development Camp – Prospects Measure Up

By JD Lagrange – Up until now, we had to rely on measurements provided by Central Scouting and teams around the world to have an idea of the height and weight of the prospects available at the NHL Draft. As the Montreal Canadiens are holding their development camp, they were able to measure and weigh their own prospects and some adjustments were needed.

The tallest player is a goaltender by the name of Joe Vrbetic whom, standing at 6-foot 6-inches (without skates), is a full foot taller than the Canadiens’ shortest prospect, Xavier Simoneau, who is 5-foot 6-inches but he’s stocky at 179 lbs.

It is interesting to note how tall the goaltenders are in the system. Frederik Dichow is 6-foot 5-inches, Jakub Dobes is 6-foot 4-inches and Emmett Croteau is 6-foot 3-inches. Now consider that Carey Price, Samuel Montembeault and Cayden Primeau are all 6-foot 3-inches and Jake Allen is 6-foot 2-inches, those are big goalies!

When it comes to weight, defenseman Arber Xhekaj tips the scale at 229 lbs while the team’s new jewel, left-winger Juraj Slafkovsky digs into the ice with his 227 lbs! The featherweight at development camp is defenseman Lane Hutson at 151 lbs.

VRBETIC, JoeG6’6″196
CHISHOLM, CallumLW6’5″218
DICHOW, FrederikG6’5″214
XHEKAJ, ArberD6’4″229
DOBES, JakubG6’4″199
SLAFKOVSKY, JurajLW6’3″227
CROTEAU, EmmettG6’3″196
MAILLOUX, LoganD6’3″204
GUHLE, KaidenD6’2″197
STRUBLE, JaydenD6’2″199
BARRON, JustinD6’2″199
HEINEMAN, EmilLW6’2″193
TUCH, LukeLW6’2″215
CONDOTTA, LucasLW6’1″221
MIANSCUM, IsraelRW6’1″194
SMILANIC, TyC6’1″172
ENGSTROM, AdamD6’1″187
HOPKINS, RyanD6’1″171
NURMI, PetteriD6’1″187
RHEAUME, NickLW6’1″195
BIONDI, BlakeD6’0″198
JOYCE, ConnorC6’0″178
KAPANEN, OliverC6’0″175
ROY, JoshuaRW6’0″192
SMITH, JackC6’0″191
FAIRBROTHER, GianniD6’0″205
TRUDEAU, WilliamD6’0″198
SAVORY, OwenG6’0″193
BECK, OwenC5’11”181
DAVIDSON, JaredC5’11”181
KIDNEY, RileyC5’11”172
GUINDON, CédrickLW5’10”166
PITLICK, RhettLW5’10”173
ROHRER, VinzenzC5’10”161
FRANCIS, RyanC5’9″175
MESAR, FilipRW5’9″175
DUBÉ, PierrickRW5’8″172
FARRELL, SeanC5’8″174
HUTSON, LaneD5’8″151
TOURIGNY, MiguelD5’8″168
SIMONEAU, XavierC5’6″179

Canadiens GM Kent Hughes recently answered a question regarding if size was a factor in selecting Juraj Slafkovsky and his answer was interesting. He said that he likes smaller, skilled players, that a couple of smaller players are fined, but… “Give me 22 players at 5-foot 9-inches and we’ll have a problem.” I can’t say that I disagree with him.

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