Friedman: 95% Sure Dubois To Montreal

In his most recent 32 Thoughts Podcast, NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman added oil to an already burning fire. Ever since Pierre-Luc Dubois’ agent said that his client wouldn’t sign long term with the Winnipeg Jets because he would like to play for the Montreal Canadiens, rumours have been rampant about the possibility.

This time, Friedman, who is usually more reserved with his comments and predictions, went all out on this one stating that it wasn’t a matter of if, but when both teams would agree on a trade.

“Jets have talked to the Canadiens on and off about Dubois, we know that Dubois is gonna end up there 95%, is there someway we can make a deal so the Canadiens get him earlier and we get something we want? They’ve talked about that”. ~ Elliotte Friedman

As we’ve touched on on this very site in a previous article, if the Canadiens truly want the Ste-Agathe-des-Monts native, they are better served to trade for him than to wait for him to reach free agency, for many reasons.

The Canadiens have tons of assets since previous GM Marc Bergevin has started the team’s Reset back in 2018. They have since drafted close to 50 prospects, traded for others, and current management has been forced to continue doing so due to two bad seasons in a row. Kent Hughes holds 11 picks for the upcoming NHL Draft, including two first round picks: their own and the Florida Panthers’, which they received in the Ben Chiarot trade.

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