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By JD Lagrange – You like writing about the Canadiens and about the NHL? You are writing for a site that doesn’t pay you or doesn’t pay you to your just value? You have a podcast but don’t have a website to promote it, or you are ready to expand on it? You would like more control over what you publish and better flexibility in both content and time of publishing? You don’t want to start from scratch having to design an entire website? Look no further, we have what you need!

Established in October 2021, I launched, with a specific concept in mind, with its own niche. Within months of existence, it reached the status of Top-15 Montreal Canadiens’ blogs and websites by Feedspot, with the likes of Eyes On The PrizeA Winning HabitHabsworld and The Athletic, just to name a few.

In addition to myself, we have three more quality contributors in Bob Trask, Marc-André Breault and JAG as casual contributors. Our concept here is unlike most. We wanted to offer a platform where people who are good writers but cannot commit to a minimum number of articles, too often unattainable elsewhere, to still get their voices heard.

Reason for selling

It’s simple. There are two main reasons, in fact.

  1. Retired for a couple of years, I have come to realization that I need to be challenged more at my age. So I am seriously toying with the idea of starting a new business. Okay, maybe more than toying with the idea… I have created the website for it, I have developed the concept, and I’m in the process of finalizing some key information. Once up and running, this new project (not hockey related) will take most of my time online.
  2. Also, those who follow me on Twitter are well aware of my frustration level with the NHL and the way it’s being run (or ruined, in my opinion). It has slowly, but surely, been taking its toll on my level of interest towards the game that I’ve long followed and loved. Worse, I see no willingness from the league to resolve important (in my eyes) issues. This brings more personal frustrations than enjoyment in following this game from so close. I want – and need – to take a step back.

Note that this reflects in no way the popularity of the sport, or the need to have independent blogs and websites as readership is constant, 12 months of the year. It is strictly a personal feeling and opinion.

What you get

The Cheering The Logo brand includes:

In addition, you get a strong base of followers and regular readers without having to start from scratch. You can simply continue the growth with the ball already rolling!

I am also willing to stay on until the end of the hockey season as both a contributor and as co-admin for the site to help with the transition, artwork and ensure a smooth transition with the new owner(s).

If you or someone you know is curious about the idea and would like to discuss, send me an email at and we can discuss further. It is time sensitive as if I cannot find a taker soon, I might just shut everything down and I don’t want to do that because of the brand’s popularity and for the collaborators whom I cherish very much.

I would greatly appreciate if you could share this as one of your friends or followers might just be the perfect person to take this amazing project over. Thank you.

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