CTL Hot Stove – January 8th, 2023

By JD Lagrange – You had a busy week? You haven’t had a chance to make time for yourself yet? You have missed your daily reading and haven’t followed the Canadiens enough this past week? Don’t worry, we got your back! The Cheering The Logo Hot Stove is a feature which recaps the content we have published this past week. Sit back, catch up and enjoy.

The Arrival of Third-Party Brokers by JD Lagrange – While everything is possible, the odds of seeing the Canadiens turning into a third-party broker at trade deadline are very minimal.

Habs And Suzuki Without Monahan by JD Lagrange – The Canadiens miss Sean Monahan and no one misses him more than Nick Suzuki. When we break down the numbers, it is even more shocking.

Joshua Roy Was Gold For Canada by JD Lagrange – Some players have a way to rise at the most opportune times and Canadiens’ prospect Joshua Roy did just that by being a key player in Canada’s Gold Medal win.

The Trade Deadline Prediction Game by JD Lagrange – We are less than two months away from the NHL Trade deadline, which is set this year to March 3rd. What better time to go with some predictions about what the Canadiens will do?

Habs Management Playing With Fire by JD Lagrange – The Canadiens find themselves in the same situation that they were less than a year ago and we bring in some potential solutions that don’t include firing the coach this time.

Fantasy Lineup 2023-24 by Bob Trask – Of course, much can and will happen from now until then but here’s what the #Canadiens’ 2023-24 line-up could look like according to our collaborator Bob Trask.

In The System – January 2, 2023 by JD Lagrange – In this week’s edition of this popular feature, we have included the #Canadiens’ prospects production at the World Juniors in addition to our regular stats.

Chasing the Draft – Happy New Year Edition by Bob Trask – The Canadiens and Panthers keep dropping in the standings, as the Reverse Power Rankings are looking pretty good.

An Extremely Cold December by JD Lagrange – After a hot start, Canadiens – and Habs’ fans – might have expected the team to cool off a bit. But few anticipated Montreal to turn into a block of ice in December.

And With the 5th Overall Pick… by Bob Trask – If the Canadiens win the 5th overall pick in the NHL draft lottery, they will undoubtedly have the opportunity of choosing a very good player.

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