CTL Hot Stove – December 24th, 2022

By JD Lagrange – You had a busy week? You haven’t had a chance to make time for yourself yet? You have missed your daily reading and haven’t followed the Canadiens enough this past week? Don’t worry, we got your back! The Cheering The Logo Hot Stove is a new feature which recaps the content we have published this past week. Sit back and enjoy.

Chasing the Draft – Merry Christmas Edition by Bob Trask – Our collaborator Bob Trask takes no time off as he presents his Reverse Power Rankings for this week. The #Canadiens (and Panthers) are in good shape!

‘Twas the Night Before Habs’ Christmas 2022 by JD Lagrange – With the Christmas spirit, we offer you our Canadiens’ adaptation of the classic poem originally written in 1823 by Clement Clarke Moore.

Walking the Tightrope by Bob Trask – Trying to do what the Canadiens are currently doing takes a lot more than we think. Creating a balance between instating a winning mentality and getting a good draft pick is like walking a tight rope.

Habs Paying The Price In Net by JD Lagrange – The situation with Carey Price’s injury has put the #Canadiens in a situation they weren’t expecting to be. We explore Kent Hughes’ options to address a need in goal.

About Last Night – So Close Yet So Far by JD Lagrange – Let’s face it, the #Canadiens were lucky to get out of Colorado with a point. But there were some surprises in that game, see for yourself.

Draft of 2022 – Long Shot Report – Part 2 by JAG – Our collaborator JAG is back with a special Christmas present, his second edition of the Canadiens’ prospects long shot report. Some of them made him change his mind, you will see.

Lehkonen: A Transformed Player by JD Lagrange – Life has been good for former Canadiens’ winger Artturi Lehkonen since being traded to Colorado and he has found in coach Jared Bednar a coach who trusts him in all situations.

The Habs’ Twelve Days of CHristmas by JD Lagrange – You know your Christmas carols. But did you know the CHristmas carols? This, to help get you into the Canadiens CHristmas spirit.

Subban Homecoming: All Smoke And Mirrors by JD Lagrange – The Canadiens have announced that they will have a special homecoming night for P.K. Subban, and it raises some questions amongst many people.

In The System – December 19, 2022 by JD Lagrange – Canadiens’ prospects Owen Beck and Justin Barron had an outstanding week, and we’ve added Nicolas Beaudin to the list in this week’s feature.

Impact of Gallagher, Monahan and Savard by JD Lagrange – Sometimes, we tend to normalize when a Canadiens’ player or two are injured and miss some games, until we start compiling the effects of their absence on the team.

Chasing the Draft – December 18th Edition by Bob Trask – In this week’s edition of Chasing the Draft, we look at the Reverse Power Rankings and how the Canadiens are doing with their own pick and the Florida Panthers’.

Some Interesting UFAs by Bob Trask – While we are still months away and a lot can happen from now until then, we propose a list of pending UFAs that might be interesting for the Canadiens this upcoming off-season.

Possible Player Movement by Bob Trask – There are a lot of moving parts possible for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens but don’t expect much until the team returns from their road trip.

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