CTL Hot Stove – December 17th, 2022

By JD Lagrange – You had a busy week? You haven’t had a chance to make time for yourself yet? You have missed your daily reading and haven’t followed the Canadiens enough this past week? Don’t worry, we got your back! The Cheering The Logo Hot Stove is a new feature which recaps the content we have published this past week. Sit back and enjoy.

Seven Underperforming Forwards on The Habs by JD Lagrange – There are many reasons for Canadiens’ players to have a bad season but the NHL is a performance league and as harsh as it might sound, you are being judged by what you do on the ice.

Chasing the Draft – December 11th Edition by Bob Trask – Our collaborator Bob Trask returns with this week’s version of the feature Chasing The Draft, with his own Reverse Power Ranking. Find out how the Canadiens are doing.

Projected Performance by Bob Trask – With the season at the one-third mark for the Canadiens we can take a look at projected performances for the various players and you can see how they match up against your pre-season expectations.

A Young Team by Marc-André Breault – Everyone knew going into this season that the Canadiens would have a young line-up but few expected these young men to drive the bus, so to speak.

In The System – December 12, 2022 by JD Lagrange – In this fifth edition of this newer feature, Canadiens’ prospects Filip Mesar, Owen Beck and Jesse Ylönen had an incredible week. See for yourself.

A Peek at the Canadiens’ Future by Bob Trask – A closer look at expiring contracts and trade baits probabilities for a Canadiens’ roster turnover, as GM Kent Hughes continues to get a feel for the trade market.

Habs First Round Picks 1979-2022 by JD Lagrange – We present you with the Canadiens’ first round picks since 1979, and the eight General Managers in charge at the time. Just as a heads’ up, it’s not a pretty picture.

The Rises and Declines by Bob Trask – Find out which teams have improved the most so far and which ones have regressed. Yes, the Canadiens are in good shape as you can imagine.

Josh Anderson’s Trade Value to the Habs by JD Lagrange – There is a group of Canadiens’ fans who want Josh Anderson traded at all costs. Yet, the organization wants to keep him. Here’s why and what it might take to pry him away.

Prospects: Where’s The Rotation? by JD Lagrange – Canadiens’ GM Kent Hughes has said wanting to do a rotation of effectives between Montreal and Laval but so far, we have seen very little of it. Yet some Rockets might do better than others with the big club.

Changes Needed Prior To Road Swing by JD Lagrange – The Canadiens are struggling on several facets of the game and after Saturday’s game, they are heading on the road for a couple of weeks. What better time to make a few roster adjustments?

LeBrun: Edmundson a Good Fit for Oilers in Rumour Mill – According to NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun, the Edmonton Oilers have had discussions about acquiring Canadiens’ defenseman Joel Edmundson.