Twitter Reactions To Wright’s First NHL Goal

By JD Lagrange – We all knew that it would happen, Wright? I mean… right? The script was written, the actors were in place, the stage was set and the show was about to start. One didn’t need a crystal ball to know that a particularly motivated Shane Wright, just called up from a conditioning stint in the AHL where he scored four goals in five games, would score. That’s just the way sports work.

So I decided to go back to Twitter and see some of the reactions from everyone around the NHL. Some Habs’ fans, some Kraken’s fans, some fans from other teams and some reporters. The terms “Poetry”, “Karma”, “Script” and others have all been utilized. I have compiled a few of them for your reading pleasures. I have had to suffer through a lot of hate comments both from people against Wright, even more from people against the Canadiens’ organization and their fans. Here, I’m saving you from having to do the same.

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