Mailloux Signing: It Goes Beyond Hockey

By JD Lagrange – A day after signing prospect Owen Beck, the Montreal Canadiens have announced that they have agreed to terms with another one of their top prospects, defenseman Logan Mailloux. And the response to this signing should be interesting, to say the least.

Truthfully, I’m tired of talking about it. I’m sick to my stomach every time someone brings out the young man’s past, the one event, a terrible mistake made by the then 17 year-old. But I guess it’s inevitable… today. But that is the last time that I will personally get involved with this topic, unless it’s to do what Logan himself does, and what the Montreal Canadiens organization is doing: turn it into a positive.

Even now, I don’t want to get into the details but I have written about it once in the past and that’s enough. On the positive side, the Canadiens have created the Groupe CH Respect and Consent Action Plan.

The decision to sign him was not taken lightly. Remember, this current management group isn’t the one who drafted him. They came in and assessed the situation, with an unbiased approach, one way or another, perhaps even with some apprehension. The decision, rest assured, involved the new Vice-President of Communications, Chantal Machabée, who got to spend time with the young man this off-season.

“This is a decision that we have thought through carefully. Having Logan around members of our team and hockey operations staff for a good part of the summer allowed us to gain a greater appreciation of Logan Mailloux the person,” said Kent Hughes. “He has an opportunity to affect positive change and we will work to support him in any effort towards that goal. Logan recognizes the impact of his gesture and of course, the process continues.”

There are quite a few women in the Canadiens’ organization and if they chose to give Mailloux a chance, fans should trust them and do the same.

Focus on hockey

Josh Anderson, Logan Mailloux, Nick Suzuki

Now onto hockey, shall we? That’s what I’ll be talking about from now on when it comes to Logan Mailloux. He spent a big portion of the summer in Montreal, bonding with the team’s other prospects and even current players like captain Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield and Josh Anderson, amongst others. Even rehabilitating from his shoulder surgery, he was at Rookie Camp, getting acquainted with the organization’s top prospects.

And there is no denying his hockey skills. TVA Sports’ reporter Marc-André Perreault was recently on BPM Sports, where he said that he’s been told by many that Mailloux is the Canadiens’ most promising defensive prospect. That’s saying a lot, considering the great quality we’re seeing right now, including Kaiden Guhle!

“I spoke to four people and they believe that Logan Mailloux is the most promising prospect on defence for the Montreal Canadiens,” said Perreault. “He doesn’t have the same style of play as Kaiden Guhle for sure, but it was important to mention.”

Mailloux, 19, played 12 games with the London Knights in the OHL, registering nine points (3 goals, 6 assists) while serving 13 penalty minutes. Unless faced with a setback, he should resume full contact practice soon. He has been skating in a non-contact jersey for a few weeks now. He would benefit greatly of a full season in the OHL, where he should be sent as soon as he’s healthy.

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4 thoughts on “Mailloux Signing: It Goes Beyond Hockey

  1. He committed a misdemeanor crime in Sweden – a country lauded for its gender equality. Some are angry that he never properly apologized to the young woman and that’s valid. I could be wrong, but given the way things are nowadays, I suspect this may come up again when/if Mailloux signs a big money contract? Personally, given the League’s lack of concern over racism with teammates – I don’t have the energy to suddenly care about sexism with non-league players. Assault should be assault. But hey – I also like consistency.

  2. Oh – and one more thing. 9pts in 12 games as a defenseman! Not too shabby especially since he didn’t play alot.

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