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Quick Takes: Second Day

By JAG – It would have been greedy and unreasonable to expect the fireworks of the first round to come back for an encore. Nevertheless, the second day offered a few surprises and served as a showcase for this new Habs management’s philosophy …. and plan.

I observed after the first round that ‘’Shifty, speedy, scory’’ players were a type of player in demand at the Habs table. The second day was no different.

Before I start, something to think about when it comes to OHL players considering that Montreal drafted a few of them. Scouts’ evaluations of OHL players were a little trickier than for players from other leagues, the OHL did not operate two years ago. Scouts would normally have had two years’ worth of eye test on the OHL prospects at the draft. Less data makes for more shaky prediction. Scouts may err on the side of caution when predicting upside. Case in point, Arber Xhekaj missed a year and wasn’t drafted. The eye test was incomplete and inconclusive. He would have been drafted this year for sure!

First, let’s look at the safe bets:

The long shots:

Last thoughts:

Thanks for reading and keep your stick on the ice!

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