LeBrun: Habs Open To Dealing With The Devils

NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun said, on TSN Insider Trading, that there are many who believe that the Montreal Canadiens are waiting to see if the Devils pick up the phone before the first round gets underway. The Habs apparently want to see what it would take to flip the first and second picks to ensure the Devils get Juraj Slafkovsky. The reputable Insider feels the Habs would be open to it.

LeBrun also mentioned that the Canadiens are undecided on who they want to select with the first overall pick which, according to him, is NOT out of ordinary. It seems like when GM Kent Hughes recently said that they had not made up their mind yet, he was telling the truth.

However, LeBrun added that the Devils are telling people that if the Shane Wright is the best player available wherever they select, that they will take the him even though they already have Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes at the center position.

Now why wouldn’t the Habs pick Wright with the first pick instead? Simple: they are trying to pry an asset from the Devils NOT to pick Slafkovsky (or flip the picks). So the Devils would get him, the Habs would get Wright and another asset.

It sure seems like there is a chess game going on. The NHL Draft is set to start on Thursday next week.

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9 thoughts on “LeBrun: Habs Open To Dealing With The Devils

  1. Pick Wright Habs need centres not a winger with limited exposure.Wright has performed well this past year after missing a year to coviď cancelled season.

    1. Whether they pick Wright, Slafkovsky, Cooley, Nemec, Jiricek or anyone else, the Habs will be getting a good player. We don’t know what Hughes and company have in mind. I’m praying that we, as fans, all rally and support whomever they will pick.

  2. Hughes is a good poker player. He may just squeeze a little more out of this draft.

  3. This is by far the sharpest administration representing the habs in a very long time!! I feel super confident they will do what is best for the organization and remember the last time we picked a center over the winger!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Rocco. No matter who they pick, they will have done their homework and here’s hoping the Habs get an impact player for years to come.

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