A Tale of Two Drafts

By Bob Trask – Mock drafts are appearing with increasing frequency as July 7th approaches. Some limit themselves to the first round, others predict the first two rounds while only a few are bold enough to include all seven rounds of the draft.

One challenge with putting together a draft list for your favourite team is that so many of your choices depend upon what other teams pick. Another challenge is deciding on whose rankings to trust. Do you use those of Bob McKenzie, Craig Button or one of the multitude of draft ranking services?


For the purposes of this draft, I used Future Considerations mock draft tool.

In the first draft, FC picked the players for all teams but Montreal and I chose the players for the Canadiens from those available. In some cases I chose players not on FC’s list but who were available at the time.

In the second draft, I chose the players for the Colorado Avalanche selecting the highest ranked player available at the time. FC chose the players for all other teams including Montreal. The reason I adopted this approach was because Colorado was the lowest ranked team in each round and had only four picks in the draft. In other words, my choices for Colorado would have the least impact on the choices available for FC.

The Results

The results represent the picks for the Montreal Canadiens using two different approaches. Only two players appeare on both lists – Shane Wright and Vincent Rohrer – and it illustrates the futility in trying to predict the choices made by your team in the upcoming draft.

Draft day trades will also impact where the picks for various teams will fall and could impact who is availalble to the Canadiens when their name is called even if they aren’t the team involved in the trade.

Round 11Shane WrightShane Wright
 26Tristan LuneauFilip Bystedt
Round 233Jimmy SnuggerudElias Salomonsson
 62Ludwig PerssonMattias Havelid
Round 366Noah WarrenCole Knuble
 75Vincent RohrerAleksanteri  Kaskimaki
 92Danny ZhilikinVincent Rohrer
Round 498Logan MorrisonJake Livanavage
 127Ryan GreeneNick  Baer
 128Topi RonniWillaim Rosenfors
Round 5130Connor KurthVictor Smeds
Round 6162Daniil IvanovKasper Lundell
Round 7194Ian BlomquistSebastian Aarsund
 216David SpacekDmitri Ivanov


This is not meant to be a mock draft but simply an illustration of how the actual picks can and probably will vary from our own personal choices. Have fun making your own predictions and don’t be shocked if none of your preferred players is chosen.

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  1. Good point. Since even the first pick is not really known the exercise could be even more futile.

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