What I Want To See From The Habs

By Marc-André Breault – I was born and raised in the province of Quebec and I’m still here. I will soon get my next house, I believe next to the Richelieu River. My first language is French and this is my first article in English without the help of a translating program. Be indulgent and comment a lot, to help Cheering The Logo to continue its growth and be even better.

What I see for the future of the Habs, near and far, is many things based on the young players and their development. For the 2022 NHL Draft, as my friend Marco D’Amico said in his article, I think the Canadiens need to be aggressive by adding more talented players in the draft. I think they can do the same for the 2023 draft as well, with their nine picks. I feel like it’s time to rebuild the right way. Concentrate on the 2022 and 2023 Draft and create a good team to develop the players at their best. I believe that the best way to create a good team is to draft your own players and develop them. As Elvis said: It’s now or never.

Develop together

Cayden Primeau

In the same line of thinking, I want to see the organization make the tough decision to send the young players to Laval or back to junior for their development. What I hope to see, is making a young group who play together and grow up together. Kaiden Guhle, Jordan Harris, Riley Kidney, Jayden Struble, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, Justin Barron… All of the team’s good future player playing together and winning together.

And please, find the goalies that you want, but let Primeau be at his best in the AHL. Give him time to shine. They can make a rotation for the young defenseman like Harris, Barron et Guhle for the sixth spot with the big club. Give them a few games during the season in the NHL but let them grow with teammates they will play with for a long time, we hope. Allow them to create a solid bond, players who want to win together.

Current players

What I think we will see from players like Brendan Gallagher, Christian Dvorak, Jonathan Drouin and others, is a step up in their games. Some players like Matt Duchene or Roman Josi, amongst many others, had a very good seasons. They had a long time for recuperation and have good rest, helping them have a good season. Some guys like Gallagher, who played in the Stanley Cup finals, had less time to recover and had a bad season. My positive thoughts, as always, make me think that they will have a good season, thanks to more rest. I don’t predict a career season, but better than last year. For Drouin, just being healthy and play all the season would be a good thing.

After that, in 2023, maybe they can make some trades or free agents’ signings to add better players. If they need players like Pierre-Luc Dubois, Kris Letang and all the rumours you have heard about, they can do it then. Create a stronger team with a stronger teammates who work together towards the same goal: The Stanley Cup.

This is my vision. What’s yours?

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  1. I like your approach but I believe we will see a model where Hughes adds players from outside to help the current young players and perhaps use draft capital to do that. A team needs to balance experience levels as well as salary levels to help with ongoing development.

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