HabsTracks – Father’s Day 2022

By JD Lagrange – HabsTracks is a review, retracing the recent hot topics. This week, we’re looking at the NHL Draft, an update on Josh Anderson, Jonathan Drouin, Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, Evgenii Dadonov, Logan Mailloux, the new captain’s announcement, amongst other things. Please feel free to comment and share with your friends.

In an interview in French on 91.9 Sports radio, VP of Communications Chantal Machabée revealed some very interesting information. First, on Logan Mailloux, she mentioned that he is rehabilitating from a shoulder surgery and she will be meeting with him in Montreal sometime next week. On the topic of meeting with the media and the discussions not being only about hockey, she had this to say:

“It’s clear, but one thing at a time. Yes, eventually, he will certainly have to talk to the media. We’re aware of that. But we will meet him first, talk to him. He is also a hockey player and we have to see where he’s at in his personal development, but also where he’s at as a hockey player”, said Machabée. “We will talk to his agent. We will do things right, step by step. We are told that Logan is doing exceptional work. I’m anxious to be able to talk to him and see how we can work with him”, she continued.

Machabée spoke about the Canadiens’ latest addition, Evgenii Dadonov and what he can bring to the table.

“He’s an offensive player. He’s a guy who has scored around 20 goals for many seasons. At 33, he’s a veteran. So he can likely help our younger players, and I see his arrival as a good thing”, said Machabée.

Chantal was asked if his acquisition had anything to do with helping Alexander Romanov, by adding another Russian player, to help deal with the event surrounding the Russia and Ukraine war. The former reporter had this to say:

“It’s a plus, but I don’t think it was on Kent [Hughes]’s list of things to do. It’s a coincidence. We know that the Golden Knights tried to trade him before and his name was mentioned in the discussions with Kent”, she added.

Josh Anderson

Several players are spending the summer in Montreal. Romanov spends the majority of the summer in town. Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield and Josh Anderson also are spending the off-season in Montreal. Anderson explained his decision:

“I’ll spend a lot more time in Montreal this summer. I really want to know the City. I’m always told that it’s fun in the summer with the Jazz Festival, F1 and so on. I want to soak in this City and finally get to know it. Since I’ve been traded, there was COVID and we couldn’t go out. We then had a very condensed schedule. I never had the opportunity to take advantage of what Montreal has to offer. I want to do it now”, said Anderson.

Machabée provided a short update on Jonathan Drouin.

“Jo is in Montreal. Let’s not forget that he has a new baby, a little boy born this past winter. The last I have heard, when I spoke to him, Jo had his hands full with a baby who wasn’t sleeping though the night. He is full time dad these days”, she explained.

The VP of Communications said that the coaching staff will be in Montreal the week of the NHL Draft, the first week of July. The priority will obviously be the Draft but they will discuss the best candidates to become the Canadiens’ next captain.

“It pretty clear that naming a new captain won’t happen this week. At least, I doubt it. Everyone will take part of that discussion. The coaching staff will make that decision. It’s not going to be Kent Hughes coming in tomorrow morning and name a captain. Every coach will participate in the discussion and they will analyze everything”, said Machabée.

She hinted that an new captain announcement during the Canadiens’ annual Golf Tournament on September 12th would make a lot of sense…

Pierre LeBrun recently stated that five or six teams have contacted the Canadiens for Jeff Petry. Things appear to be heating up and it could be a matter of days before the disgruntled defenseman can join in family permanently in the states.

Shea Weber’s contract has been traded to the Vegas Golden Knights in a cap clearing (long term) move. Weber has this to say:

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