LeBrun to CTL: Habs Turned Down Serious Offers for Anderson

By JD Lagrange – Some people will never give up. For some odd reason, they feel like Josh Anderson is overpaid and redundant on the Canadiens. In fact, I was accused no later than yesterday to be “old with a 1979 mentality” for claiming that Anderson’s willingness to drop the gloves and play a physical type of hockey, that it wasn’t needed today. No need to say that the culprit was blocked. You don’t tell an old man… that he’s old (*wink).

What prompted the discussion is an Edmonton radio personality, Bob Stauffer, who threw a line out there about the Oilers trading Jesse Puljujärvi to the Canadiens for Anderson. Of course, Oilers’ fans jumped at that bait and it spread over to the Habs’ fan base. Some were for it while others like yours truly, who gets to watch the Oilers often, were dead set against it.

You see, Puljujärvi played with Connor McDavid more than 70% of the time and managed… 14 goals this season! Anderson, on a horrible team that went through a record breaking man-games lost to injuries and COVID, still managed 19! And that’s not counting his leadership, his physical play and the fact that opponents must respect when he’s on the ice…

Hughes turned down serious offers

It was a shot in the dark. The top NHL Insiders are very busy people and rarely, do they take the take to answer questions on Twitter. But as Pierre LeBrun was online, we took a stab at it in hope that he would shine some light on the Josh Anderson rumours. In an article that we published yesterday, another NHL Insider, Frank Seravalli, has Anderson at #24 on his trade targets list.

It is very interesting to see that Hughes did turn down significant offers for Anderson at trade deadline. He is part of what the Canadiens want to do. Guys like him are very rare in today’s NHL. It was an incredible trade by then GM Marc Bergevin to get his hands on that guy for Max Domi, then sign him long term. He wants to be part of the solution, said so himself, and he’s far from the problem.

Is it possible that a desperate team comes knocking at the door with an offer that the Canadiens can’t refuse? As LeBrun points out, of course it is. Is it likely? Not one bit. Those with a #17 jersey with Anderson’s name in the back shouldn’t be the ones worried. There are plenty of other players who should get traded before the Powerhorse.

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7 thoughts on “LeBrun to CTL: Habs Turned Down Serious Offers for Anderson

  1. I am an Anderson fan. Right now I can’t think of an offer that would tempt the Habs. I know that things change quickly but I still want to watch him in a Habs uniform.

    1. Agreed David. I feel his contribution to the team is highly underestimated by some in the fan base. It’s not always all about goals and assists. His teammates know his value.

    1. In my humble opinion, Anderson and Gally won’t get you the #2 pick, let alone Zacha. I genuinely believe that you don’t get the #2 without Suzuki or Caufield… I’d forget about that pick. Arizona’s pick (3rd) is more likely.

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