Mock Draft v.2 – Montreal Canadiens

By Bob Trask – With the hockey season now over for all except a handful of draft eligible prospects and the NHL combine now behind, I have put together my updated mock draft for the Canadiens. The team will hold its own European combine in about one week, an undertaking that could result in an unexpected gem.

In the bottom half of the mock draft I have chosen some players who were overlooked in their first year of draft eligibility as well as one who may have fallen simply because he is Russian. And to create some controversy, I have changed my first overall selection based on the public available interviews given by the players after the draft combine.

Keep in mind this is a hypothetical draft in which GM Kent Hughes exercises all 14 of his picks as they sit (approximately) today. In reality, there is a high probability that more than one of these picks will be traded and that the Canadiens will try to move up in the draft, move out to next year or use picks to acquire a pro player they covet.

My goal is to highlight some of the players who could be of interest when the Habs turn and the draft table rolls around and create some food for thought.

11Juraj Slafkovsky6’4225LW70326494
26*1Ryan Chesley6’0194RD91193049
332Danny Zhilkin6’2183C66233255
62*2Sam Rinzel6’4190RD66154964
653Topi Ronni6’2187C76203858
74*3Noah Warren6’5214RD6251924
92*3Jordan Dumais5’9165RW683970109
984Vinzenz Rohrer5’10163RW70262753
127*4David Spacek6’0170RD78145266
129*4Logan Morrison6’0179C754883131
1315Connor Kurth5’11214RW62354681
1625Daniil Ivanov6’4209LD4792130
1946Miguel Tourigny5’8172RD65314980
2177Adam Mechura6’4198LW59583290

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