Brunet: Weber And Drouin Heading To Arizona?

According to Darren Dreger and other NHL Insiders, it is very likely that the Montreal Canadiens will be shipping Shea Weber’s contract to the Arizona Coyotes. Weber has four more years to his contract with a cap hit of $7.857 million. However, he is “only” owed a grand total of $6 million dollars over those four seasons in actual salary, making it very appealing for a team wanting to reach the cap floor. Kent Hughes was on record stating that he came close to trading Weber’s contract by trade deadline but it’s been reported that they couldn’t finalize the insurance details on time. It is believed that the deal was with the Coyotes.

Jonathan Drouin too?

In a recent article, La Presse reporter Mathias Brunet added fuel to that fire… and more! One of the most respected and reputable reporters in Quebec, Brunet warned Habs’ fans not to be surprised if Jonathan Drouin went to the Coyotes in the same trade. Far from a completed trade, he said, but he told his readers that they will have heard it from him first, if it was to happens.

If that were to be the case, the Canadiens would free up $13.357 million on the cap, not including what could be coming back in that trade, of course. If picks are to be included in such a trade, it’s important to note that the NHL Draft is about a month away, starting on July 7th. Stay tuned…

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