Mock Draft v.1 – Montreal Canadiens

By Bob Trask – The Montreal Canadiens have 14 picks in the upcoming NHL Draft and it is unlikely that they will use all of them. Some picks could be packaged to move up in the draft, some could be traded for picks in other years and still, others could become part of a trade involving existing NHL players.

Nevertheless, we all like to speculate and I’ve tossed out a few ideas. They are partly wishful thinking, partly wild speculation and partly throwing darts at a dartboard. Some of these players don’t appear on most ranking lists and making an obscure pick always creates controversy, the same way the Alexander Romanov pick did back in 2018.

Here’s the list, which makes the unlikely assumption that the Canadiens retain all their picks this year. If the Canadiens choose more than one of these players, I would be surprised. That is the reality of how unpredictable a draft really is. One high profile player who is overlooked or one team going off the board early with a long shot can really impact the order of future picks. Have fun picking the list apart.

NOTE: The player scoring totals include all the regular season and tournament games played this season. For players who played for multiple teams in multiple leagues, their stats represent the total of all these games. League playoff numbers are not included because some playoffs are incomplete.

11Shane Wright6’1187C63326294
27*1Ryan Chesley6’0194RD91193049
332Danny Zhilkin6’2183C66233255
54*2Sam Rinzel6’4190RD66154964
653Topi Ronni6’2187C76203858
74*3Noah Warren6’5214RD6251924
94*3Jordan Dumais5’9165RW683970109
974Reid Schaefer6’3215LW66322658
121*4Logan Morrison6’0179C603466100
130*4Connor Kurth5’11214RW62354681
1615Daniil Ivanov6’4209LD4792130
1936Miguel Tourigny5’8172RD65314980
2167Adam Mechura6’4198LW59583290

* Those are picks the Canadiens have from other teams and the ranking is based on the standings. Calgary’s pick is ranked 27th based on the overall standings. This will likely change depending how far the Flames make it into the playoffs.

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  1. I can’t pick your list apart. Like you I’ll be waiting to see which players get passed over and which teams go off the board. I’ll save your list for draft night.

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