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NHL Entry Draft – 3rd Round Rankings

By Bob Trask – The odds of picking a top 6 forward, a top 4 defenseman or a starting goaltender in the third round of the draft are very low. There can be an occasional surprise like Brayen Point who was the 79th pick in the 2014 draft but success stories like that are few and far between.

Some of Montreal’s best picks between #65 and #96 (equivalent of a 3rd rounder today) include:

Among the Habs players drafted in this range during the past forty years thirteen players have gone on to play a reasonable amount of time in the NHL (more than two seasons). That is a batting average of about 33%. Given that the Canadiens have 3 picks in the 3rd round this year, it isn’t unreasonable to expect that one of them will make it to the NHL and have a respectable career.

Montreal’s picks in the third round are currently #65, #74 and #94 and our rankings are as follows:

Interesting Options

There are some interesting names that appear on this list that could interest Montreal. Noah Warren is a big RD while Jordan Dumais is a high scoring RW and both play in the QMJHL with Dumais putting up over 100 points in 68 games. Topi Ronni is a big, tall center who put up solid numbers for several different teams last year.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Montreal could be targetting all of three of these players in the draft. For some background check their stats on Elite Prospects here:

The top two goaltendenders in the draft come in at #74 and #75. If either are available when it is Montreal’s turn to draft, I could see them trading the pick to a team looking for a goaltender.

Late Round Picks

The 2022 Entry Draft differs from many drafts because a lot of players didn’t have a chance to prove themselves in the 2020-21 season because of Covid restrictions and may have been overlooked in the 2021 draft. This presents a rare opportunity of teams to draft players that were missed the first time around.

With fourteen picks available to them, the Montreal Canadiens are in a prime position to take advantage of this opportunity, either by drafting one or two of these players or using those picks to add talent or draft picks in subsequent years through trades.

We will take a look at a few long shots in our next article.

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