Habsitivity? Sure, Why Not? What Is It?

Good question. If we were trying to create a definition, it would likely look something like this…



– the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude towards the Habs, the Montreal Canadiens.

¤ø ¸„ø¤ GO HABS GO ø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤ GO HABS GO ø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤ GO HABS GO ø¤º°¨¨

Easier said than done this season when you’re a Habs’ fan, isn’t it? It seems like their performances are forcing fans to work very hard to remain positive about the team and its future. But difficult as it might seem, it’s not an impossible task. 

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” – Joyce Meyer

A wiseman once told me that in life, you always have choices. Even doing nothing is a choice, he said. He continued in saying that when faced with a difficult situation (or any situation for that matter), ask yourself the following question: “Is there anything you can do about it?” If the answer is yes, do it now. 

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.” – Alphonse Karr

If the answer is no, why do you worry about it? Worrying will only add to your stress level and won’t change the situation. If anything, it will make it appear worse than it really is. That, folks, is positivity. By the way, that man is my father. 

Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll be a positive person.” – Kellie Pickler

But how does one do that when it comes to hockey, being a fan? Well, the first thing to remember is “can you do anything about it”? Yes, yes you can. While you may not be able to make trades and create lineups, you can decide your outlook.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” –  Roy Bennett

You can choose to complain about it. You can choose to follow and hang out with people who share a negative outlook. This will feed into your mindset of negativity, providing you with a sense of justification for being frustrated. It will emphasize your unhappiness and contribute to being miserable.

The less you respond to negative people, the more positive your life will become.” – Paolo Coelho 

The other choice you have is to use Habsitivity. Use what?!? HABSITIVITY. It’s positivity as a Habs’ fan. It’s choosing to make a conscious effort to focus on the positive aspect of situations. It’s a choice you make to surround yourself with people who are more positive and understand that it’s not worth getting all upset, even losing sleep over hockey.

When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.” – Shannon L. Alder

Well I’m not going to become a cheerleader, I have a mind of my own”, some people will say. No one is suggesting that you shouldn’t have a mind of your own. When using Habsitivity, you can acknowledge that things aren’t going well, that players, coaches or managers are underperforming. 

Every day may not be good… but there’s something good in every day.” – Alice Morse Earle

But there is always a silver lining, a second side to a medal. Habsitivity is a state of mind choosing to look at the other option, by trying to see the positive in things as there is always some. You woke up this morning to live another day this morning. You have a team to cheer for, unlike Nordiques’ fans who lost theirs. That’s positive, right? 

You have to train your brain to be positive just like you workout your body.” – Shawn Achor

Habsitivity is not something that comes naturally, at least not to everyone. I mean, we’re surrounded by bad news everywhere we turn, particularly in the news. They show us the black man that was beaten up by a white cop. We never see the white cops in the news helping black people, something that happens daily. We focus on the odd wrong instead of the countless right. It’s crucial to know that there is positive in this world. We see our goalie allowing a weak goal. We don’t see him signing hundreds of autographs, making highlight moments for those kids.

Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.” – Harvey Mackay

The Canadiens are having an awful season. What a mess they’re in, particularly after the great hopes and feelings they gave us by reaching the Stanley Cup finals just months ago. But boy is Nick Suzuki fun to watch progress as a player, isn’t he? What a turnaround by Cole Caufield! Look at how Justin Barron and Jordan Harris are playing and imagine, within a couple of years, them and other prospects having an impact on the team.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – Helen Keller

By using Habsitivity, you will find your outlook to be in the sun more than in the shadow. Your mind will thank you in the long run. The more you work on it, the more you use it, the more you hang out with those using a similar outlook on life and on hockey, the happier you will be in your own personal life. Soon, you’ll be able to apply it to every facet of your life, not just the Habs.

Iv’e always believed that you can think positive just as well as you can think negative.” – James Baldwin

Our brain has been trained to see the negativity in life. Just like your body, one has to train their mind to see the positive in people and in different situations. It won’t take away all of your frustration, your sadness, and the bad things happening around you, around the Habs. But your reaction to those situations will make for a better outcome for yourself and for those around you.

Here at Cheering The Logo, we chose to take a different approach than many of the mainstream media. We don’t want to focus on the negativity. We’re not focused on sensationalism. We see it, but we choose to work on finding some Habsitivity around the Canadiens. We’re no cheerleaders. We’re people like you. We want the Canadiens to win as much as anyone and we will celebrate victories. Through Habsitivity though, we will not let negativity bring us down. It’s our choice. It’s our mission statement. 

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