Petry vs Lindholm

Well, the Anaheim Ducks couldn’t come to term with defenseman Hampus Lindholm so they traded him to the Boston Bruins. The pending unrestricted free agent didn’t have time to pack his bags before he agreed to an eight-year, $52 million contract extension ($6.5 million cap hit) with his new team.

Watching him play here, out west, I’ve always felt that Lindholm’s play was somewhat similar to Jeff Petry. So when I saw the cap hit of $6.5 million, I felt compelled to look into it closer. And here are my findings…

Jeff Petry346’3″209$6.25M to 2024-25
Hampus Lindholm286’4″216$6.5M to 2029-30

By the time his contract ends, Petry will be 37 years old. By the time Lindholm’s contract ends, he will be 36, so quite similar. There is no denying that Petry is having a horrible season this year. Yet, when looking at the numbers, while Lindholm does have the upper hand, I was surprised to see how close the two actually are.


Lindholm signed that contract after a season with the numbers above. Petry was coming off a season where he had 42 points in 55 games. So in fairness, let’s look at the two players’ past three seasons. You will notice that it’s Petry who has the better numbers, and by a much wider margin.


Can it be explained with their respective team’s record for the past three years? Was one team marginally superior to the other? Wow, you won’t believe it… At the time of writing this article, in the past three seasons combined, both the Ducks and the Canadiens are playing for a .458 points percentage, sharing the 24th and 25th spot in the overall standings!

Hope for Petry?

We know that the Canadiens’ defenseman has asked for a trade and that Kent Hughes is trying his best to accommodate him. The Canadiens’ GM has said that the deal must make sense for both Petry and the Canadiens so he won’t give him away. Seeing what Lindholm just received, it’s now hard to argue against the fact the the Habs’ defenseman still has value… particularly that there’s a premium on right-handed defensemen, even more so if he’s a Top-4.

Whether it happens prior to trade deadline or after remains to be seen, as I’m writing this. But both the salary and term shouldn’t be too much of an issue, particularly not for teams that have space, or this summer when most teams do.

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