Podcast Episode 1: Ben Chiarot Trade, Rumours and more…

Well here we go. We’ve done it. Cheering The Logo has its very own Podcast and the first recording is out of the way. The timing couldn’t be better after the Canadiens announced that they had traded pending UFA defenseman Ben Chiarot to the Florida Panthers for a 20 year-old center, Ty Smilanic, the Panthers’ first round pick in 2023 and their 4th round pick in 2022.

My good friend and Cheering The Logo contributor Sylvain Perreault joined me as we discussed the trade as well as other topics like the Martin St-Louis effect, the return to health of a few key players and the most recent trade rumours, amongst other topics.

While the first episode wasn’t broadcasted LIVE because of technical learning curve (I forgot to hit the live button), we plan on doing live shows in the future. So it will be interactive with our fans, as we will involve you on the shows!

With that said, we will be LIVE on Monday afternoon, at trade deadline and if other big trades occur from now until then, we will hop on as well to discuss them. Ah the beauty of retirement, having the flexibility to do that.

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