“There Is No Doubt, Price Will Be Back This Year”

If we believe Carey Price’s former goaltending coach Stéphane Waite, there is no doubt that the All-Star goaltender will be back this season. Waite is basing this on studying what Price has been doing during his rehab, particularly his latest on-ice sessions.

“Seeing Carey do his powerpushs (lateral movements) between the goal posts, I can tell you that it’s an excellent test for him. He has progressed a lot. His movements are aggressive, solid, precise and intense.”

On recent videos, we can see that Price has raised the intensity level, taking more and more shots. He doesn’t seem to be hesitant on the ice. We can see him doing quick stops and if you’ve ever played the position, you’ll know that it’s hard on the knees. He goes in the butterfly position, does hips rotations… all of that is difficult to do.

According to Waite, the next step in Price’s rehab will be to go through exercises where he’s ‘not in control’ by progressively integrating game situations in his training. In his mind, there is absolutely no doubt that his former protege is on the right track to make a comeback in the NHL.

“All of that is telling me that Carey is back and that we’ll see him before the end of the season. It’s very encouraging for Carey and for the entire Montreal Canadiens’ organisation.”

For the Canadiens, it is crucial to see Price come back. If the goal is to keep him, they need some reassurance that he’ll be ready to go for next season. If Price wants to be traded, then other teams will want to see that he’s 100% healthy. In either case, Price’s health will determine what the Habs will need to do at the goaltending position for next year.

Including tonight’s matchup against the Seattle Kraken, the Canadiens have 25 games left to play this season. The last regular season’s game for Montreal is on April 29th, in Montreal, against the Florida Panthers.

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