Friedman: Habs Shopping Weber’s Contract

According to Elliotte Friedman, the Montreal Canadiens are trying to unload Shea Weber’s contract and they might find takers. In the intermission segment 32-Thoughts on Hockey Night in Canada, Friedman mentioned that teams tight to the cap and needing to go over it with LTIR space would be interesting in taking on Weber’s contract, which carries a cap hit of $7.86 million for 4 more years. The actual dollar value is $3 million for next season, a $1 million per season for the following three years of his contract.

Other teams that would want Weber’s contract would be teams who will be trying to reach the NHL’s salary cap floor. Amongst those, the Buffalo Sabres, Anaheim Ducks, Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils and Seattle Kraken come to mind.

If Weber’s contract is to be traded to teams needing the LTIR room, expect this to happen before the March 21st trade deadline. If he’s to be traded to a team wanting to reach the cap floor, it would likely happen in the off-season.

In other rumours, Friedman added that the Anaheim Ducks might be willing to part with Max Comtois, who is struggling offensively and has been a healthy scratch this season.

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