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Habs To Get An Expos’ Reverse Retro Jersey

Sometimes, NHL teams are overdoing it with jersey concepts. Some teams are even changing their jerseys and logos and using it as a source of revenue, hoping to sell more of them. Other teams will be moderate in their approach, more traditional and that creates what we call in marketing, branding. The original six teams in the NHL are excellent at that.

When newer teams change too often, it is difficult for fans to associate with the history of the said teams, to create a sense of attachment. Some, like yours truly, would simply stop buying jerseys because there’s a good chance that it would become outdated in no time.

It is fun, however, when teams come up, periodically, with a theme jersey. Whether it is for special events or honouring the history of the team or history markers of a City, province or state the team is in, it is temporary and symbolic. For example, most NHL teams have a camouflage Remembrance Day jersey, and a lilac coloured Cancer Awareness jersey, which they wear during warm-up and auction off for charities.

Montreal Expos

According to Post2Post, the Montreal Canadiens’ next Retro jersey will be a tribute to the Montreal Expos. As we know, the group lead by Stephen Bronfman were just handed a severe blow in their quest to get baseball back in the City after MLB rejected Tampa’s plan to split games with Montreal.

“This chapter’s closed,” Bronfman said about baseball returning to Montreal. “At this point, I kind of put my hands in the air.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the Canadiens show support for the Expos as they offered employment to Youppi!, the popular mascot who was left unemployed after the team’s move to Florida.

It is unclear if the Canadiens are doing so in support of the return of MLB in Montreal but fans won’t complain. I grew up watching the Expos and remember vividly the 1981 and the 1994 runs by “Nos Amours”, when both times, strikes (as in CBA conflicts) tampered their great seasons.

We know how bad the Canadiens did with their blue Reverse Retro jersey last year. Here’s hoping that the Expos’ version brings them more luck!

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