Some Fans And Their Evaluations

Editor’s note: We’ve all gone though our frustrations with certain people claiming to be fans of the Canadiens but acting as if they aren’t. This pandemic has amplified the issue we’re seeing on social media. This is not an attack on anyone, but rather a sign of frustration against the negativity surrounding us, in this case around the Montreal Canadiens.

By Marc-André Breault – As you already know, the Montreal Canadiens have one of the largest fan bases anywhere in the world. Proud supporters, difficult supporters, but supporters of their glorious team. Unfortunately, there are also fake fans. It is usually characterized by easy comments on social media. They can often be seen writing that those who do not think like them, negatively, are “fefans” or if someone focusses too much on the positive, that they wear rose-colored glasses. Massive arguments occur in their conversations.

Beyond logic

When it comes time to rate players, their rating is just as surprising as their feedback. Even if a goalie wins every possible individual awards a goaltender can win and sits 21st in league history for most wins, it’s not good enough.  Of course, you’ll recognize that I’m talking about Carey Price. During his best season, these so-called “fans” prefer claiming that he was bad in the playoffs. Because God knows that a goaltender who gives up 2.23 goals per game with a saves percentage of .920 is pretty ordinary, right? The fact that the Habs were 13th in goals per game in the playoffs scoring an average of 2.08 goals per game does not count for them.

It is probably for the same reason that we hear some people claim that Cayden Primeau will never be number one. It is unlikely that any hockey expert would claim something like that, but a fan can. Some say they have doubts that he can become our future #1, which is normal. But to present that as a certainty, either have to be a fortune teller or just dislike the player and/or the organization.

We can also often hear that the Canadiens’ future is dim because Laval does not win a championships and the Rocket players do not occupy the first 20 spots of the AHL’s scoring. Because, again, everyone knows that a team’s prospects all play in the AHL, right? The Jan Mysak, Kayden Guhle, Mattias Norlinder, Jayden Struble, just to name a few… are not yet good prospects since they do not play in the AHL. At least following that flawed logic.

Positivity is a choice

I don’t think I’m right about everything and I don’t see myself as someone with rose-colored glasses at all. For my part, I am positive, I always try to see the positive side of things. For me, the Habs will always wish they’d win 82 games each season. Even if deep down, I am well aware that the team will have difficulties making the playoffs.

When a new player who joins the team, I always focus on finding the qualities in that player and analyse how he will be good for the team. Even when I believe that a player can form an excellent line with such and such a player, it doesn’t mean that I think that the player will finish with 150 points including 75 goals! It just means that the player, in my opinion, with his style of play could do well with other kinds of players. But hey, as many like to interpret instead of reading what is written, these people will say that we have rose-colored glasses and that the player in question will not do any good. Like the case of Christian Dvorak, they will say they told us.

Now, enjoy the rest of the season. Go Habs Go!

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