TVA Sports: 8 Candidates To Be Interviewed For Habs’ GM Position

According to Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports, VP of Hockey Operations Jeff Gorton and his selection group are set to interview a total of eight candidate for the position of General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens. Lavoie named:

  • Patrick Roy
  • Daniel Brière
  • Mathieu Darche
  • Marc Denis
  • Kent Hughes
  • Stéphane Quintal
  • Danièle Sauvageau
  • Émilie Castonguay

Please take such “news” with a grain of salt as it is very doubtful that anyone outside the organisation would have access to the exact list of candidates. Particularly that it has been reported that teams of those candidates already employed by other teams have yet to be contacted requesting permission to speak to their staff.

Chantal Machabee of RDS did mention that based on her personal gut feeling, a new GM could be announced as early as January 4th or 5th. She mentioned that if she had to guess, Mathieu Darche would be the next GM.

That timeline seems a little quick to give enough time to conduct all interviews during the holidays, but if the right candidate points himself, they might know rather quickly. Stay tuned…

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