Habs Christmas Songs

It’s been an odd season and we, as Montreal Canadiens’ fans, have to find ways to put a smile on our faces. It’s not like the team is giving us anything to be cheerful about. So keeping that in mind, here’s something on the lighter side to help put us in the Christmas spirit.

What if the Canadiens had a list of Christmas songs? What would it look like? Let’s compile some of the Holidays’ greatest hits… with a Habs’ twist!

  • I’ll be toasted by Christmas – by Dominique Ducharme
  • Do you hear what I hear? (rumours)
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like a first pick
  • My Habs Blow

🎵 Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But my beer is so delightful,
I guess that’s the way to go,
My Habs blow, my Habs blow, my Habs blow…

  • Oh little town of Montreal
  • Little Saint Nick (Suzuki)
  • The First Joel (Armia)
  • Ave Pezzetta
  • I saw Molson kissing Gary Bettman
  • All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
  • All I want for Christmas is Niku
  • Go tell it on the Man Mountain
  • Fa-la-la – Jake the Wall (Deck the Hall)
  • Oh Christmas Pe-Tree
  • Romy the hard-nosed D-Man
  • Josh to the World
  • Baby it’s Cole Outside
  • Have yourself a Carey little Christmas
  • Frosty the Hoffman
  • Away in the Gallagher
  • Poehling around the Christmas Tree
  • The three Wideman


We could even make some old traditional songs in French!

  • Promenade en Perreault
  • Minuit Dauphin
  • Les Jonathan oubliés
  • Vive l’Evans d’hiver
  • Mon beau Drouin
  • Mathieu Noël
  • Petit Paquette Noël
  • Il est né le David enfant

Okay, that was lame. But hey, if it put a smile on one person’s face during this hockey season, during this Christmas season (which can be tough for some people), it was well worthwhile. Remember Habs’ fans… better times are coming. You just need to be like the kids going to bed on Christmas Eve, and believe in the magic that Santa will be coming and that you’ll wake up with presents under the tree. Merry Christmas to all!

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