GM and Hockey Ops: Myth Of The Two-Headed Monster Debunked

During his last press conference, Montreal Canadiens’ President Geoff Molson has surprised many when he decided to divide the workload that Marc Bergevin was doing alone, by hiring two men for the job. Bergevin was Vice-President of Hockey Operations as well at the team’s General Manager. Molson hired Jeff Gorton to take over the Hockey Operations and they will be searching together for a new GM. And this has some often disgruntled fans criticizing… again.

But you see, when faced with what doesn’t seem quite right, one should always do a bit of research before opening one’s mouth and, mostly, criticizing. That’s what I like to do. A lot can be debated and left to opinions and that’s fun to do too. But when complaining about things that can be proven one way or another, the smart thing to do is to see what the truth is.

Not counting the Canadiens, no less than 17 NHL teams have a different person for the position of General Manager and looking after the Hockey Operations for their team. Don’t take my word for it, here’s the list for you to see…

Director of Hockey Ops: Aaron Schwartz
President and GM: Don Waddell

President: Michael Priest
President of Hockey Ops: John Davidson
GM: Jarmo Kekelainen

President: Jake Reynolds
Executive VP Hockey Ops: Martin Brodeur
Executive VP GM: Tom Fitzgerald

President of Hockey Ops: Brian Burke
GM: Ron Hextall

President: Dick Patrick
Director of Hockey Ops: Kris Wagner
Senior VP and GM: Brian MacLellan

President: Christopher Llitch
Executive VP and GM: Steve Yzerman
Director of Hockey Ops: Aaron Kahn

President: Matthew Caldwell
GM: Bill Zito
Directors of Hockey Ops: Braden Birch and Tom Bark

President: Eugene Melnyk
Director of Hockey Ops: Tim Pattyson
Manager of Hockey Ops: Sean McCauley
GM: Pierre Dorion

CEO: Steve Griggs
VP and GM: Julien BriseBois
Director of Hockey Ops: Mathieu Darche

President: Brendan Shanahan
Director of Hockey Ops: Leanne Hederson
GM: Kyle Dubas

President: Xavier Gutierrez
Director of Hockey Ops: David Ludwig
Manager of Hockey Ops: Joey Poljanowski

President: Josh Kroenke
Executive VP and GM: Joe Sakic
VP of Hockey Administration: Charlotte Grahame

President: Matt Majka
Director of Hockey Ops: Michael Murray
GM: Bill Guerin

GM, President of Hockey Ops: David Poile
Director of Hockey Ops: Brian Poile

Senior VP, Hockey Operations: Don Maloney
GM: Brad Treviling

President: Luc Robitaille
VP and GM: Rob Blake
Senior Director of Hockey Ops: Jake Goldberg

President of Hockey Ops: George McPhee
Director of Hockey Ops: Misha Donskov
GM: Kelly McCrimmon

So can we please stop with the useless criticism? Many wanted Bergevin gone. Now that he’s gone, some are complaining about the language Jeff Gorton speaks (or doesn’t speak, rather) and what language the new GM will be speaking, even before he’s hired. Now, it’s the fact that Molson recognized that Bergevin had too much on his plate and decided to address it… like 17 other NHL organisations are already doing. Can we please enjoy the ride instead?

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