Wind Of Change: Hearing A Ticking Sound

It’s bad. It’s real bad. In fact, even the most positive fans struggle to find something positive to talk about while those with a more negative mind are having a heyday. Fire everyone, trade everyone. Those who were cheering the team in the Stanley Cup finals are the same who are claiming that everyone is a bum and know nothing about hockey. Funny how it works. That’s the Montreal fan base and media for you.

In their defense, there’s a lot of truth, or reasons to be disgruntled. Entering the weekend’s games, the Canadiens are 10 points out of a playoffs’ spot with most teams having played multiple fewer games than them. With a dismal 5-14-2 record, they have yet to string two consecutive victories all season long. Only the pathetic Arizona Coyotes and Ottawa Senators have a worse points percentage (.286) than the Habs.

All indications point to changes coming. While teams will rarely proceed to major shake ups while on the road, the Canadiens play in Buffalo tonight and in Pittsburgh Saturday, before flying home from Pensilvania after the game. And it sounds like there’s a bomb ticking around the team. Everything points to that:

  • A GM left like a lame duck without a contract, who looks completely defeated
  • A team not only underperforming, but showing no life
  • An injury list longer than most children’s’ Christmas list
  • Injured players taking longer and longer to return, with constant setbacks
  • Coaches running out of ideas to motivate and jump start the troops
  • Rumours swirling about both trades and GM candidates
  • A President sitting alone in his fox hole

There is no doubt that something is brewing. Claiming that we’re getting closer to an announcement as days go by would be stating the obvious. But it’s also a reality. There is little doubt in my mind that a decision has been reached regarding Marc Bergevin’s future, one way or another. If Geoff Molson’s decision is to replace him, he has already interviewed candidates by now, no doubt.

In the meantime, players, coaches and the GM himself are walking though land mines, not knowing if they will blow up, or when, and who the casualties will be. This only adds to the uncertainty and instability of a team that was so close just months ago. They simply can’t keep going like that. Something must happen. The President of the team should have come out a while ago with some sort of statement at least. His silence speaks volume as he’s planting land mines. But I’m begging you… please stay away from Patrick Roy!

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