Newsbreak: Price Doesn’t Owe You Anything!

It took everyone by surprise. Back on October 7th, Canadiens’ GM Marc Bergevin chocked the hockey world by announcing that Carey Price was entering the NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance Program and would be away from the team for a period of at least 30 days. Price, who was recovering from a surgery to repair a torn meniscus in the off-season, would not be available for at least a month, maybe more. Later that day, his wife Angela provided some details on her Instagram account explaining that her husband was putting his mental health first not just by saying it, but by showing up and doing the work to get better.

He’s baaaaack

On Monday, November 7th, Price is back with the team and the next day, coach Dominique Ducharme spoke about him when he met with the media. According to him, the examination was positive, but it’s far too early to set a date for a return to action.

“It’s not about the hockey player, it’s about the human being. To see that he’s coming back is a positive sign because he’s doing better. That’s the most important thing. Our guys care about each other, and to see a guy like him doing better, that’s positive.”

It’s no secret that Jeff Petry is a close friend of Price and he had this to say about Carey’s return:

“We need to help support him in any way we can, and then just having him around, I think his presence, it’s just a calming influence. It’s nice to have him back. He’s going to be here to support us and we need to be here to support him as well.”

Media entitlement

Just like with the Jonathan Drouin situation last year, the support for Price has been overwhelming for the most part but that seems to have changed, at least for a few people including some in the media. Please understand that it’s not all media members who feel like Carey Price owes them an explanation for his leave but those who do, it’s sickening. And unfortunately, the bad ones give the profession a bad name. Often, it comes from journalists who cannot grow their readership, viewership or listenership with their talent, but rely on sensationalism to draw attention.

Here’s one example, perhaps the most extreme but not the only one, that we’ve read about this weekend.

How can anyone feel so entitled to everything in life, to get to the point of thinking that a hockey player owes them to explain his very personal life matters, including his mental health issues? This is reaching new lows not only as reporters and fans, but as human beings. There’s a reason why medical records are private, whether or not someone is a “public figure” or not. There’s even an Act for it and ironically (not really), it’s called the Privacy Act!

Listen up… Price doesn’t owe you shit. He doesn’t owe anyone except his family, close friends (even then) and employer some explanation and that’s a fact, Jack. I say Jack for rime reason but it’s more than just Jack Todd we’re talking about here. It’s a message to all entitled, blood sucking leaches trying to get their nose into other peoples’ lives. It makes me wish for more people to stand up to the few who cross that line and to call them out when they do. Get over yourself. E-NOUGH!

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