All-Times Montreal Canadiens Goaltenders

The Montreal Canadiens have a long tradition of quality goaltenders. Yes, there have been leaner years but in general, the team has always managed to find true gems to protect their own net. Whether it’d be via the draft, trades or free agency, the history of quality netminders in Montreal is extremely impressive. Yet, playing goal in Montreal is likely the single most stressful position to play in all of hockey.

Here is a chronological list of players who have been in front of the net wearing a Montreal Canadiens’ uniform over the years. In red are the Stanley Cup wins.

2021-2022: Carey Price, Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeault
2020-2021: Carey Price, Jake Allen, Cayden Primeau
2019-2020: Carey Price, Keith Kinkaid, Charlie Lindgren, Cayden Primeau
2018-2019: Carey Price, Antti Niemi, Charlie Lindgren
2017-2018: Carey Price, Antti Niemi, Charlie Lindgren, Al Montoya
2016-2017: Carey Price, Al Montoya, Charlie Lindgren
2015-2016: Carey Price, Mike Condon, Ben Scrivens, Dustin Tokarski, Charlie Lindgren
2014-2015: Carey Price, Dustin Tokarski
2013-2014: Carey Price, Peter Budaj, Dustin Tokarski
2012-2013: Carey Price, Peter Budaj
2011-2012: Carey Price, Peter Budaj
2010-2011: Carey Price, Alex Auld
2009–2010: Carey Price, Jaroslav Halak
2008–2009: Carey Price, Jaroslav Halak, Marc Denis
2007–2008: Cristobal Huet, Carey Price, Jaroslav Halak
2006–2007: Cristobal Huet, David Aebischer, Yann Danis, Jaroslav Halak, Michael Leighton
2005–2006: Cristobal Huet, Jose Theodore, David Aebischer, Yann Danis
2004–2005: NHL lockout
2003–2004: Jose Theodore, Mathieu Garon
2002–2003: Jose Theodore, Jeff Hackett, Mathieu Garon
2001–2002: Jose Theodore, Jeff Hackett, Mathieu Garon, Stephane Fiset, Olivier Michaud
2000–2001: Jose Theodore, Jeff Hackett, Mathieu Garon
1999–2000: Jose Theodore, Jeff Hackett
1998–1999: Jose Theodore, Jocelyn Thibault, Jeff Hackett, Frederic Chabot
1997–1998: Jose Theodore, Jocelyn Thibault, Andy Moog
1996–1997: Jose Theodore, Jocelyn Thibault, Pat Jablonski
1995–1996: Jose Theodore, Patrick Roy, Jocelyn Thibault, Pat Jablonski, Patrick Labrecque
1994–1995: Patrick Roy, Ron Tugnutt, Martin Brochu
1993–1994: Patrick Roy, Frederic Chabot, Ron Tugnutt, Les Kuntar, Andre Racicot, Martin Brochu
1992–1993: Patrick Roy, Frederic Chabot, Andre Racicot
1991–1992: Patrick Roy, Andre Racicot, Rollie Melanson
1990–1991: Patrick Roy, Frederic Chabot, Andre Racicot, Jean-Claude Bergeron
1989–1990: Patrick Roy, Andre Racicot, Brian Hayward, Jean-Claude Bergeron
1988–1989: Patrick Roy, Brian Hayward, Randy Exelby
1987–1988: Patrick Roy, Brian Hayward, Vincent Riendeau
1986–1987: Patrick Roy, Brian Hayward
1985–1986: Patrick Roy, Steve Penney, Doug Soetaert
1984–1985: Patrick Roy, Steve Penney, Doug Soetaert
1983–1984: Richard Sevigny, Steve Penney, Rick Wamsley, Mark Holden
1982–1983: Richard Sevigny, Rick Wamsley, Mark Holden
1981–1982: Richard Sevigny, Rick Wamsley, Mark Holden, Denis Herron
1980–1981: Richard Sevigny, Denis Herron, Michel Larocque, Rick Wamsley
1979–1980: Michel Larocque, Richard Sevigny, Denis Herron
1978–1979: Ken Dryden, Michel Larocque
1977–1978: Ken Dryden, Michel Larocque
1976–1977: Ken Dryden, Michel Larocque
1975–1976: Ken Dryden, Michel Larocque
1974–1975: Ken Dryden, Michel Larocque
1973–1974: Michel Larocque, Wayne Thomas, Michel Plasse
1972–1973: Ken Dryden, Wayne Thomas, Michel Plasse
1971–1972: Ken Dryden, Rogatien Vachon, Phil Myre, Denis DeJordy
1970–1971: Ken Dryden, Rogatien Vachon, Phil Myre
1969–1970: Gump Worsley, Rogatien Vachon, Phil Myre
1968–1969: Gump Worsley, Rogatien Vachon, Tony Esposito, Ernie Wakely
1967–1968: Gump Worsley, Rogatien Vachon
1966–1967: Gump Worsley, Charlie Hodge, Rogatien Vachon, Garry Bauman
1965–1966: Gump Worsley, Charlie Hodge
1964–1965: Gump Worsley, Charlie Hodge, Garry Bauman
1963–1964: Gump Worsley, Charlie Hodge, Jean-Guy Morissette
1962–1963: Jacques Plante, Cesare Maniago, Ernie Wakely
1961–1962: Jacques Plante
1960–1961: Jacques Plante, Charlie Hodge
1959–1960: Jacques Plante, Charlie Hodge
1958–1959: Jacques Plante, Charlie Hodge, Claude Pronovost, Claude Cyr
1957–1958: Jacques Plante, Charlie Hodge, Len Broderick, John Aiken
1956–1957: Jacques Plante, Gerry McNeil
1955–1956: Jacques Plante, Bob Perreault
1954–1955: Jacques Plante, Charlie Hodge, Claude Evans, Andre Binette
1953–1954: Jacques Plante, Gerry McNeil
1952–1953: Jacques Plante, Gerry McNeil, Hal Murphy
1951–1952: Gerry McNeil
1950–1951: Gerry McNeil
1949–1950: Bill Durnan, Gerry McNeil
1948–1949: Bill Durnan
1947–1948: Bill Durnan, Gerry McNeil
1946–1947: Bill Durnan
1945–1946: Bill Durnan, Paul Bibeault
1944–1945: Bill Durnan
1943–1944: Bill Durnan
1942–1943: Paul Bibeault
1941–1942: Paul Bibeault, Bert Gardiner
1940–1941: Paul Bibeault, Bert Gardiner
1939–1940: Claude Bourque, Wilf Cude, Mike Karakas
1938–1939: Claude Bourque, Wilf Cude
1937–1938: Wilf Cude, Paul Gauthier
1936–1937: George Hainsworth, Wilf Cude
1935–1936: Wilf Cude, Abby Cox
1934–1935: Wilf Cude
1933–1934: George Hainsworth, Wilf Cude, Lorne Chabot
1932–1933: George Hainsworth
1931–1932: George Hainsworth
1930–1931: George Hainsworth
1929–1930: George Hainsworth, Roy Worters, Mickey Murray
1928–1929: George Hainsworth
1927–1928: George Hainsworth
1926–1927: George Hainsworth, Alphonse Lacroix
1925–1926: Georges Vezina, Herb Rheaume
1924–1925: Georges Vezina
1923–1924: Georges Vezina
1922–1923: Georges Vezina
1921–1922: Georges Vezina
1920–1921: Georges Vezina
1919–1920: Georges Vezina
1918–1919: Georges Vezina
1917–1918: Georges Vezina
1916–1917: Georges Vezina
1915–1916: Georges Vezina
1914–1915: Georges Vezina
1913–1914: Georges Vezina
1912–1913: Georges Vezina
1911–1912: Georges Vezina
1910–1911: Georges Vezina
1910: Joseph Cattarinich

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