When the GM Steps Into The Dressing Room

In hockey like in life, there are times when things aren’t going our way. We usually bare down and get through them. When times are tougher, we sometimes need some outside help for support, counseling and/or motivation. But when all of that fails, then there’s the infamous “intervention”.

Well, after yet another embarrassing loss, this time at the hands of the Los Angeles Kings by the score of 5-2, the intervention came from the top. Marc Bergevin walked down to the Canadiens’ dressing room and locked the door behind him to have a heart to heart with his players. No matter how one may want to take a positive stand on this situation, good luck with that. It’s not a good thing.

What now?

The message from the GM was clear, there’s no doubt. If the team cannot find it within themselves to change the way they play, there will be changes. Some fans are wanting Dominique Ducharme out. The Canadiens are still paying Claude Julien and have just signed Ducharme. The likeliness of another coaching change is minimal, if not totally out of the question.

Geoff Molson, for whatever reason, has his GM sitting like a lame duck with no contract next season. That’s far from ideal as it raises questions about the stability at the top. Until that’s settled, how fair is it to expect the product on the ice to be stable? Molson needs to take care of business one way or another. Then the GM can do his job.

We’ve said it numerous times, the biggest issue is on defense. Jeff Petry is not the shadow of his old self and it has all to do with two things:

  1. He is now facing the toughest opposition, minutes that Shea Weber was taking in the past.
  2. He really missed Joel Edmundson, who drew the best out of him last season.

Edmundson should be back soon but Weber won’t be. The Habs need to get another top-4 right-handed defenseman to face the opposition’s top lines. Only then will all defensemen sit in their right chair, in a role they’re comfortable in. Until then, the Habs’ goalies will struggle and so will the forwards as they’re not getting the puck on the tape on zone exits.

But something has to be done. This is nonsense. This team as a whole is better than what it’s shown in the first nine games or so. They’re just missing stability at the top and a key defenseman. Once that’s fixed, you’ll see a different team.

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  1. Bulldust. We’re going to give up assets to get what? We’re not getting a top 4D because we have nothing to give other than prospects and there is no way we should be doing that.

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