The NHL Is The Economy Class Of Professional Leagues

We’ve had multiple examples over the years. Cancelling an entire hockey season to shove a salary cap down the players’ throat. Expansion in markets that everyone knew would never work. Turning a blind eye and even encouraging sub-par officiating. Fining players or coaches publicly speaking up against anything the league, its officials or so-called “Player Safety” are doing, even if it’s blatantly wrong.

Speaking of the last point, the biggest irony (or hypocrisy) of the NHL is when you look at the Carolina Hurricanes’ behaviour since the Jesperi Kotkaniemi offer-sheet. The troll job this low class team has been doing to the league’s most storied franchise since the offer-sheet is classless and childish. But hey, “it’s marketing”, the team says. Yet, in a league where someone gets fine to state the obvious about refereeing, they let that happen.

Do you think for a second that a real pro league would let one of their bottom-feeders ridicule their most storied franchise? Do you think that the NFL would let a newer team do this to the Dallas Cowboys? That MLB would allow this being done to the New York Yankees? To borrow the airlines analogy, the NHL is the economy class of the airline, while other leagues are first class.

Oh but it’s publicity and interest in Carolina, the league will claim. Yeah, and prostitution brings cash too. It doesn’t make it right and socially acceptable when you respect yourself. And that starts right at the top.

Where is Molson?

It’s time for Geoff Molson to put his big boy pants on and do something about it. As a matter of fact, I’m surprised that he hasn’t gone public about it already, particularly if he spoke to Gary Bettman about it and the league hasn’t put a stop to this. I cannot believe that he sits there and accepts that a low-life team like Carolina ridicules his team like that! Where’s the pride? We know Bettman is a none competent, arrogant prick who will sell his soul for a buck but Mr. Molson?!? Where are you in all of this?

As a fan of over 50 years, having seen the glory days of this league and of the Montreal Canadiens’ franchise, I am appalled at the behaviour being allowed by the league. I am shocked that it has slipped that low, to the point of allowing this type of behaviour without consequences… severe consequences. But I’m most disappointed that the Canadiens’ ownership is seemingly doing nothing to stop it from happening. I guess I have more pride in this team than it’s ownership does…

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