Molson Makes A New Offer To Bergevin

Marc-Olivier Beaudoin, who comes up with some very good scoops on the Montreal Canadiens from time to time, has an update on the contractual situation between the Habs and their GM Marc Bergevin. According to Beaudoin, the information he just received is contradictory to what we are currently reading on the internet.

He states that Geoff Molson and Bergevin still have a very good relationship and that the Canadiens’ President has made a new lucrative offer to his GM, and Bergevin is thinking about it. There are apparently many factors in play and money is not the only issue, nor is it stress/pressure/exhaustion.

Beaudoin adds that there is some truth to the Los Angeles rumours but the Anaheim Ducks are also very interested in Bergevin as Bob Murray (Ducks’ GM) has him in high esteem. Rumour has it that Murray could receive a promotion within the Ducks’ organisation and Bergevin could take over as GM.

So Bergevin is still contemplating his options and it’s not out of question that he could be back as the Habs’ GM, but California has a couple of teams hot on his trail. Can you imagine him being able to do his job without the herd of journalists out there and not having to have language as a barrier when it comes to selecting players, making trades or even hiring a coach?

EDIT October 19, 2021:

Now Marc-Olivier Beaudoin backtracks. He says that he doesn’t know when the offer to Bergevin was made, if it was before or after team PR Paul Wilson announced that talks have broken down and they won’t discuss contract until after the season. As the relationship is very likely tied to the contract offer (at least from the series of tweets above), we don’t know about the relationship between the two men TODAY. As Bergevin has not signed, he has obviously not accepted that last offer so to say that he’s thinking about it is a stretch.