LeBrun: Bergevin Is Likely Gone After This Season

At the first intermission of last night’s game between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens, NHL Insider Pierre LeBrun shared his opinion on the future of the Habs’ GM with the team. Commenting on the Canadiens’ statement to the effect that there would be no more contract comments about the team’s GM until the end of the season, LeBrun said that he feels like things aren’t looking good for a return to Montreal.

The TSN Insider warned that things can change rapidly and that team President Geoff Molson could come to the table with an offer at any time, but the fact that they haven’t extended him at this point and that talks have stopped, all point to Bergevin not returning. This would be a huge blow to this organisation.

This turn of events goes against earlier rumours stating that Bergevin would be extended and an announcement was imminent, in the first week of the season. Bergevin himself was once quoted saying: “If you want loyalty, get a dog!” Stay tuned…

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